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Braindumplabs is a company that emerged from a couple of likeminded people, all with a drive to create, innovate and launch new software that creates value for everyone.


Focudis is our first solution. Built around the users, from the ground up. In order to achieve work focus and efficiency through simplicity. It is a future proof cloud solution, based on an open platform.

Check our website at https://focudis.com

Who We Are

The secret to truly successful work is not just ‘technology’; it’s about working with the right people. We are a hands-on team of 5, based in Amersfoort (The Netherlands). We have the combined knowledge and experience to cover User Experience Design, Development & Testing, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Operations. We are all passionate about the journey to make people more efficient. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is done using intuitive, efficient and fun solutions.

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BrainDumpLabs HQ
Amersfoort, The Netherland
Email: info@braindumplabs.com